Ransomware basic information

Ransomware basic information

Ransomware Basic Information

Ransomware basic information. The ransomware is an Advanced computer virus. developed by ransomware hackers .and they will be spreading this virus by email or unauthorised website. once it’s come to your system it will encrypt you’re all computer files and you not able to read it. and ask key that calls it to decrypt key and also lock your computer.

So once you open your computer ask some decrypt key .when you enter the key. then you can access your computer. but if you pay any amount to ransomware hacker and buy the key but not sure your system will decrypt or not.

Make sure if your system is encrypted by ransomware. so don’t pay any amount to ransomware hacker. because it is not sure they will give you the right key or unlock your computer. because the payment method is different. hacker always use the virtual currency or virtual transaction like Bitcoin payment. so you can’t claim them.

Ransomware Types

                       1.Ransomware Encryption                     2.Ransomware Crypto looker

Ransomware has two type of variant. first encryption second is cryptolocker.encryption is encrypt your system files like Word Excel PowerPoint and acceptor. but cryptolocker directly locks your computer. you not able to log in your computer. if your system infected by Ransomware locker are you not able to access or read your file if. system infected by Ransomware encryption.

Ransomware basic information
Ransomware Encryption
Ransomware basic information
Ransomware Crypto looker               

Information For User

so if you are computer user or laptop user .so make sure you should know about how to come ransomware in the computer. if you have email, USB, and internet access.so make sure never open the unauthorised. and unknown mail with attachment never open unknown URL and unknown link and never plug without scan USB in your computer.


As Good practice prevent your organisation and prevent .your system make sure use a proper anti-virus and used a data backup solution. take every week and every monthly full back up your computer or also you can use cloud backup.

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