Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version
Trend Micro Deep Security Manager 11 Installation

Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version

Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version

Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version this article regarding Deep security manager upgradation task friends trend micro recently released so many versions of deep security manager but right now the release new latest version deep security manager 11.1 I am currently using deep security manager 11.0 Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version

Upgrade Deep Security Manager latest version

I will upgrade to 11.1 friends this version is currently on testing.ok so make sure if you doing this activity to you testing environment that’s fine. but if you’re going for the production environment so make sure you should coordinate with OEM. and take correct information about Deep security version and stability than go for it because this version is not released to officially.

                                                                  Check compatibility

Start the installer. Before it installs anything, it will check your environment. This will verify system requirements, and that all your deployment components are compatible with the new version of Deep Security Manager. The readiness check will generate a “to do” list of compatibility issues (if any) for your specific environment.

If you check on trend micro portal it is on feature tab and this version is currently under testing so don’t go to production upgrade with that version once you get confirmation by OEM and officially email or notification about it this version so that you can upgrade your deep security manager 11.

friends before starting the upgradation make sure take your all-important backup. see your deep security manager and your SQL server database I have separately created the video for the deep security manager backup and database backup.

also so you can check my YouTube channel and get the deep security manager backup video and do the same activity your environment then go for the upgradation because in that case any failure Enemies communication so you can upgrade your previous version

check my YouTube channel TECHTABINFO and get the latest video about trend micro product


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